Sri Harinam Sankirtan in Sydney

Sri Harinam Sankirtan 07-04-16

Thanks to everyone who came forward to make this Harinam a great success this week. Compared to last week which was our first week when 12 devotees came this week we had around 20 devotees attending Harinam with 2 kids. Every one took turns for leading kirtan. As we went along many people appreciated clapped and joined us for chanting. Few books and temple invitation cards got distributed.

One amazing incident happen !!! When we were standing in front of Microsoft Office near Pitt Street Mall and chanting, the boss of the Microsoft came and very nicely said, we love your song and appreciate, if you could kindly please move will be nice as we are doing some presentation and it's very loud sound and we can't present. He continued we love to give some donation. Then he open his wallet and took out $200 and gave it to Harinam Sankirtan team. We all got so excited that just doing Kirtan people have appreciated so much and donated good sum also. Our team have decided to use that fund for buying our new sound system for Harinam. We have posted some some photos from yesterday, please have a look. Since its night and we're moving so quality is not that great. See you all next week Thursday.

Haribol !!!!

Sri Harinam Sankirtan ki jaya !!!!!!


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