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  • Prabhu, you are correct. The image on the car is an actual vinyl decal that I made. I just pasted it onto the car so devotees can see what it would look like. Very good observation! I reset my profile so everyone can view it. Please look in my photos and look up my devotional art folder. You will find the rest of the stickers that I have designed. Soon, they will be for sale on eBay.........

    Let me know what you think....
    P.S. I have acquired a usage agreement from the BBTI in case anyone was wondering.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada,
    bhakta tony
  • It look like someone had tampered the pic of this car by pasting the mantra on its rear screen. Its not an original. But the benefits are immeasurable if everyone read the mantra. I have seen a couple of bumper stickers shouting Hare Krishna! Great!
  • I want to have the same on my car :)
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