Painting & Photography Contest on cows

We would like to introduce AFFCAP.

AFFCAP is here to help all individual goshallas and temples in their Cow Protection Program.

We are a neutral body that registers animals, maintains a database and does a yearly inspection.

Those goshallas that have followed the standards of cattle protection will receive a Certificate from AFFCAP.

So by having each goshalla registered, each animal eartaged and registered

and an inspection once a year to do a head count we will have an independent

third party (affcap) that will say "yes we have checked this goshalla and we

certify 100 percent, they are protecting their animals." So the ones like

us that are following will be highlighted as real Cow Protectors and the

ones that are claiming to follow but are selling animals will be exposed.

For AFFCAP complete program details pls visit us on

Affcap certifying goshallas - no slaughter


For ISKCON PATRON we start a

Painting & Photography Contest pls participate in the contest and come on the home page of AFFCAF.

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