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Kripanidhi Das: 165 Acres/66 Hectares – 450K CAD (approximately 353K USD) Excellent realestate investment opportunity
Included is a 1500 acre wood lot license of high value forest timbre.
10 minute drive from Sarangati’s Govardhana Academy school, temple and community centre
Land includes well built house and 5 pieces of heavy equipment to operate Govt licensed wood lot: Back hoe, tractor, grader, caterpillar, front end loader (photos below)
-nestled at the foot of a mountain with 2 pristine streams flowing and plenty of ground water for wells.
-It is mostly forested with high value timbre that can be managed according to Eco-forestry principles. includes all equipment needed to operate. Equipment is older but in perfect condition.
-30 acres cleared and ready for cow protections and/or organic agriculture
-well built small 2 bedroom house ready to live in with potential to expand
-This property has excellent income generating potential
:eco forestry
:organic agriculture
:eco tourism, eco retreats, vaisnava educational programs etc
This property is critically and strategically important to the Saranagati devotee community. For 35 years we have enjoyed a friendly relationship with the non devotee owners. But now that it is for sale we want to make sure that the new owners are devotees that share our values. With the ownership of this land, the entire valley, it’s water shed, and eco system will be under devotee control, to be managed wholistically according to our vaisnava principles.
We are forming a corporation to purchase the land. The corporation will have 66 shares which corresponds to 66 hectares of land. We propose that interested devotees purchase 1 or multiple shares.
We must act quickly. If non devotees purchase the land, it could be used for cattle ranching & the main source of our community water that feeds our 2 lakes could be blocked.

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