HH Kratu Maharaj Vyas Puja - 2015

For every time we encounter a trouble, we seek shelter under the guidance of our guru. For every time we receive happiness, we wish to touch the lotus feet of our guru and for every time we need an answer ,we want to reach out to our most knowledgeable guru.

How blessed are the souls who became the part of auspicious VYAS POOJA that too at the land which was graced by his appearance years ago. By the mercy of guru and guarang, VYAS POOJA 2015- a beautiful experience of vaishnav sangha, kirtan, nrityum and prasadam was organised in baroda, gujarat. From 13 hours of train journey to the first step on gujarat's dear land, from the playful water of river narmada to the lush fully green sights of lacchras. From the peaceful nights of malsar to the melodious kirtans whole day. From the religious devotion over maharaj's charan abhishek to the enthusiasm of glorification. From the spell bounding words of dearest gurudev to the sweet additions by guru ma. From the foot tapping over the beats of gharba to the watery eyes after mumbling of lord's prayers. This four day tour wasnt just a journey for celebrating vyas pooja, it was a journey through the spiritual life we all aspire for..it was an experience of what we can achieve by taking shelter under the lotus feet of maharaj, by serving the vaishnavas and by surrendering ourselves to the will of krsna. Let's take a step by step walk to this auspicious pilgrimage through the captured moments in cameras and specially in our hearts. For once and for all , lets start this journey by repeating the words which are nectar of life " hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare , hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare "

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