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Krishna Consciousness is a philosophy which teaches us that we are not this temporary material body, but are actually an eternal soul who is part of the Supreme Soul, God or Krishna. We (souls) are minute and God is infinite. Our original nature is to be eternal, full of happiness and full of knowledge. God is the supreme enjoyer, proprietor and our dearest friend. Our desire to be separate from Him brought us to this material world, a perverted reflection of our real home. Krishna provides independence and free will as we desired. When we try to enjoy separate from God it is not possible. This world is an illusion and it keeps us trapped within it when we try to enjoy separately from Krishna. Our original position is to serve God in the spiritual kingdom and if we are fortunate we can begin to understand the true meaning of this material world - namely birth, disease, old age and death. We are responsible for our activities or actions create reactions - what goes around, comes around - karma. Thus we take repeated births and deaths, trying to fulfil our desires to be happy without Krishna.

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