Harinam Sankirtan in Hong Kong

H.H. RP Bhakti Raghava Swami has been visiting Hong Kong since May 17th with two brahmacaris from Indonesia, Kishora Krishna Das prabhu and Gunaavatara Das prabhu. Kishora Krishna Das prabhu is a leader of Gau Raksya Indonesia (GAURI), an organization for cow protection, and Gunaavatara Das prabhu is a brahmacari who is staying in Cambodia for preaching program since 7 years ago. His Holiness is continuing his preaching program, especially for Om Sri Surabhi Campaign, the campaign for cow protection.

GBC of Hong Kong have arranged programs for Maharaja. The programs were conducted at Sri-Sri Gaura Nitai Temple in Hong Kong and other places around the temple. Besides giving a few classes about cow protection and varnasrama, Maharaja also gave a seminar on the public program about Vegetarianism vs Veganism. He also attended Sri Nrsmha Caturdasi Festival in the temple.

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