Hare Krsna Prasadam 4


I have been attempting to more completely understand the Hare Krsna Prasadam Phenomena. Hare Krsna Prasadam Distribution is about distributing sanctified vegetarian food free or low cost.

Sometimes Hare Krsna Prasadam Distribution is to those who are starving and destitute. Tragically, it is not always easy to reach into the areas where people are really starving. The development of humble Hare Krsna centers in every town and village may gradually reach into these severely destitute areas more and more. As usual it is going to take Seva contributions of Service Chores and somehow realizing necessary funding.

It is certainly a very serious challenge to make Hare Krsna Prasadam Distribution free or low cost. It can be a challenge to give time, services, and other contributions in a completely sincere and selfless spirit.

The philosophy and theology of Krsna consciousness or "Hare Krsna Bhakti Yoga" gives some very helpful notes and pointers that can help spiritual aspirants to realize greater and greater levels of sincerity, truth, wisdom, selfless service attitude, and spiritual enlightenment.

Please consider participating and contributing to Hare Krsna Prasadam Distribution however possible.

Your humble neighborhood Hare Krsna,

Dandavats dasa



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