Ayurveda recommends Danta Manjanam as a preventive and cure for mouth infections and to add strength to the teeth and gums. Effective on all oral diseases such as tooth worms and stops tooth decay. It also reduces the sensitivity in teeth, the swelling of gums, cures ulcers of the tongue, sore throats, tonsillitis, and pyorrhea. It also refreshes the mouth and is a breath freshener.

Directions: Use a small amount of toothpowder on a toothbrush/finger to clean the teeth twice a day after every meal. It can also be used to gargle.

Ingredients: Ash of cow dung, 5 salts, camphor, carum ajowan, mint, clove, triphala, neem, ficus benghalensis L (root), eucalyptus, and utaraini (onga).

Available in 50 gm bottles

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