A Visit to Advaita-vat in Vrindavan

Indradyumna Swami: Yesterday, here in Vrindavan, we celebrated the appearance day of Advaita Acarya by visiting Advaita-vat, the place where Advaita Acarya discovered the famous deity of Madan Mohan under a banyan tree, 500 years ago. Later, Sanatana Goswami worshipped Madan Mohan and had a beautiful temple built for Him. Presently at Advaita-vat very beautiful old deities of Radha Krsna are being worshipped. They are named Radha Madan Gopal. We had a nice extended kirtan and then a discussion about the pastimes of Advaita Acaraya. I stressed to the devotees how fortunate we were to be in such a historic place on such a historic day. Sri Vrindavan dhama ki jaya! Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=58140

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