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  • dear pushyami prabhu


    pamho agtsp!  thanks for your kind msg.  and thanks for serving us PRASADAM!! hope to have your kind association again one day, by Lord's mercy.   I pray this msg finds you and your dear ones in the best of health and inblissful krsna consciousness.  Let us always remember to try and chant with every single breath throughout our lives... what else is there to do?  don't chant? then don't breathe -what's the use, right?   ha ha ha!! gaura hari bol, prabhu



    yr servant




  • hare krsna pushyami prabhu,

    pamho agtsp! thank you for yr kind msg. i am sorry i do not recall your name. i wonder if we have met before? i see that you are from vijayawada. i wonder if we met when i visted one or two years back and shared my Sanskrit Pronunciation course with the devotees there?

    a few days ago, in jagannath puri, i met up with ram murari prabhu and there were about 20 devotees from vijaywada with him. we all visited the beach together. later that night they all left for mayapur via kolkata.

    wishing you all the best in yr krsna conscious journey prabhu, i remain

    yr servant,

  • hare krishna
  • hare krisha
  • hare krishna
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