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  • hare krishna prabhu,i am not mataji i know u very well,some times u drop me in krishna lanka in ur no:8688946583
  • i already read that book prabhuji, and his lectures made me a big fan of him. i cant express my feelings about him in words. how i respects and worship my guru srila jayapathaka swami maharaj same respect and worship for HDG.RNS also. i heard his brihad bagavatam lectures also. i cant explain u how i hear his lectures. somany lectures of desire tree of him i heard. even his bilgraphy also i heard from him in a lecture. even though iam not satisfied, i want more more to hear about him. like my gurudev he is also very very special, and that too they two r very close intimate friends. thankyou for ur reply

    sriprada radha dd.
  • haribol prabhuji, no words after reading ur gurupuja doc. usally all asks and searches for a real guru and what is qualifications a guru shuld have like this, but those all forgets what qualifications should a deciple have. but u r a pecfect deciple, who have all qualifications. i sincerly pray to lord krishna that may HDG.RNS maharaj will award diksha soon. haribol--sriprada radha dd.
  • harekrishna, dhandvat pranam prabhuji. yes prabhuji as u said i am very fortunate to have diksha from srila jps. v r in gulf from last 12 years prabhuji, so i didnt know much about vizag, yearly once v use to go there.  i want to know about HDG.RNS from u? when u got diksha from him?  and all  i heard of him sooooomuch. like my gurumaharaj and HHRNS very close friends, i wnat to hear about him. recently i read his book back to home also, very wonderfulbook.   harekrishna


  • harekrishna prabhuji. i am also from vizag. i am initiated deciple of srila jayapathaka swami maharaj. what about u prabhuji? v pray krishna will bless u always. hariiiibol.  sripradaradha  dd
  • hare krishna prabhuji.PAMHO.dandavat pranam. how r u?
  • ha sure prabhuji i will send kc  msgs

    dandavat pranams

    also convey   mataji my pranams 

  • haribol
    dandavat pranams
  • hare krishna prabhu.....

  • hare Krishna prabhu... thanks a lot. definitely i will send is mataji?
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