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  • Dear Mataji, I, in last 10 days or so have definitely risen from the mode of passion and ignorance and entered into the mode of goodness. I have started chanting(once again) 4 rounds a day and feeling a lot better. regards anant

  • Thank you very much for your blessings;
    Hare Krishna
  • Dandavat Pranaam Mataji..
    Thank u for such blessings for me..
    Such comments nd prayers vl help me in continuing my devotional service..
    Thank u.. Take care.. Hare Krsna..
  • thanks for your message..

    hare krishna


  • It has been over 20 odd years when i had stumbled upon the books of ISKCON given to my father when he had become a life member for no other other reason than to use free accommodation.

    Why is it so difficult to fight maya? i give up on bad habits only to adopt them again after a while. i start chanting with conviction for four days....the fifth day brings up all kinds of obstacles i could imagine in stopping me to complete my chanting. 

    Your words were very simple and meaningful. I feel joining this website and associating with people like you  might have been a little help from the boss given to me overcome my difficulties.

    Please keep in touch.



  • Thank you very much Mataji :)

  • Hare Krishna mataji!  Dandvats

    Thank you for ur blessings

  • Hare krishna  Dandavat Pranam Mataji,

    I am not finding your prayers as you mentioned in your profile.

    I humbly request you to please guide me in getting these prayers for me.

    Hare Krishna


  • Pranams and dandavts Maa

    Hare Krishna

    Maa please keep on showering Your blessing.

    Yours obediently

    Govinda Dasa

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