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  • Thank You, Om Hari Om.
  • hare krsna mataji. thanks very much for blessings and your kind welcome. Service to the devotees and their causeless mercy is what sustains me always

  • thank you mataji. devotees service and their heatfelt blessings are my only hope.
  • Hare Krsna! Thanx Mataji! I m struggling in devotional service.I really need your blessings.With your association I will grow with flying colours.Hari Bol!!
  • Thank you dear for your good words and wishes and blessings.


  • Hare Krsna Mataji!

    Thank you for your wonderful blessings.
    You are very kind

  • hare krishna thanks a lot for such heartly welcome!!!!!!!!!!!


  • thanks ma for great bhajan by meera ............i love this bhajan i couldnt stop my eyes flowing after listening this
  • Hare Krishna!! Thank you mataji for such a beautiful welcome! Dandavat pranam.. Hope to grow in your association. Haribol!
  • Hare Krishna, Dear Padmavati mataji,
    Please accept my humble obeisance!

    Thank you very much for your kind wishes and love.
    It is so nice to know that you have such good sahdana.
    Please bless me to have such good qualities like you.
    we shall keep in touch.
    Thank you so much for your loving concerns.
    Hare Krishna !

    y.s. rajalaxmi d.d.
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