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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu, just read my coment and yours also. It is strange when you read things that you wrote a long time ago and never thought you would read again. A devotee told me that Bhakti Tirtha Maharaj said that those who are chanting hare krishna in this life are not ordinary people and were probably yogis or demigods in control of entire planets before and that is why it is so difficult for devotees to get on - because you cant tell a jiva who thinks it should be controlling a plant or having mystical powers to co-operate. Once i found this out I felt much better because i understood why I was having difficulty with devotees.

    I have also been reading in Laws of Nature that people are like cinders fallen from the fire, they are turning black but the red heat of the spirit soul is still there --usually I can see it in everyone but since i came to vrindavan i was getting angry, I guess because i had too high expectations.

    Nice to hear from you also, are you full time service in the temple? YS
  • hari hari
  • Hi, how long have u been in Vrindavan. I have been here six months now and I think that Krishna is teaching me the lesson that it is not easy to live in Vrindavan because yesterday my tiffin got stolen, my bike got a puncture and i had arguments with two male collegues. Aur mai eesa sochti hun ki kya kare, Sri Krishna ji? Bahut kharab log hote hain Vrindavan mai bhi.
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