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  • me in vrindavan not much 8 to 9 years ... well to understande vrindavan its not soo eazy six months exprinence is not enough .... to live in vrindavan peson need extrime tolarance .... and have to fallow caitanya mahaprabhu's instruction ... trina dapi suni chena !!! and try to merg in to vrindavan roll on the raj ... forget every thing where u have come or who u are or any dam thing what eve in the mind then accept the raja of baraja .... radheeeeshyam ... then may be some thing can hit us .... still long way to go but once u are use to vrindavan mood then ,, naahh wont like any other style ..... radheeeeeeeeshyam ..... so where u stay in vrindavan ... ? and one more main thing avoid offencess in vrindavan ... thats the most important thing .... direct or indirect .... just feel every one is nice and every one is good .... just krishnas arrange ment for lession ... ... radheeeeeeeeeeeshym ... it was nice to read from u ...
  • Yes you are right, I think that Ghandiji was the person who really showed this aspect of how to apply Vaishnava philosophy to every aspect of life. I also greatly admire my boss for doing this. Prabhupada said that my work is only half done because he wanted to see such an expansion, however there is some debate about whether ISKCON devotees should focus strictly on preaching and book distribution or whether we should expand like my boss has done, to provide education as well as vaishnava philosophy to poor children.
    I am not a teacher, I am a social worker by profession but here i am mostly doing secretarial work, writing for our website and newsletters and writing stories of our children for their sponsors. I keep busy with work and just go to BG class on Sundays, and to the temple for Guru puja in the morning when I can get myself organized on time but sometimes I think that going to the temple in the morning makes me increasingly frustrated with the material world, which is not good if you are trying to make changes so that more people will have the opportunity to enjoy the nectar of Krishna consciousness - it makes me sad that so many people will never be able to read Prabhupada's books because they cant read and they would not feel welcome coming into the ISKCON temple. It seems that you are very learned in BG and SB and that you do a lot of preaching, is that your full time job?
  • Hmmm...It seems you believe in Karma Yoga rather than Bhakti Yoga :)
    That's not bad. Whatever we are doing is for the service of Krsna. So you are teaching . :) That's great ...being with small children. Do you attend the BG & SB classes at the mandir regularly ?
  • Hare Krsna ,
    The Rath Yatra Festival in Calcutta is celebrated with great joy. I will be there trying to do some seva. Their Lordships will be staying at the Park Circus Maidan for a week where there will be lots of programms throughout the week. I will try to take part as much as possible. :)
    I do visit the Calcutta temple every sunday evening and attend the sandya arati and the BG classes. I have also completed a short 6 session course from the mandir. Are you initiated or aspiring to take initiation ? :)
  • haribol, thanks i already subsrcibed. Is it just me or do things dissapear off your comment wall?
  • Hare Krishna mataji, dandavat pranaam. Thank u for ur interest in our e-zine. U cn subscribe to it by emailing at:
  • Hare Krsna ,
    West Bengal is the name of the state and Calcutta is the capital city :) You have visited mayapur , which is in West Bengal only. I stay at Calcutta(new name being Kolkata). Yes, you are right, after Vrindavan and Puri , Mayapur is the best place in the whole world. How are you planning to celebrate Rath Yatra ? :)
  • Hare Krsna ,

    How are you ?
  • Thnx for your sneha :)
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