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  • hare krsna, thank you for inviting me to Guru maharaja's group.

  • hari bol! :)
  • OOPS I now see on the top of the page you are male. I am new to this type of cyber association.Please forgive my stupidity.

    Sita Rama das

  • Dear Kartik,

    Hare Krishna.

    Thank you very much for the email. Also am 100 miles away form my home Temple, Boston MA. so I do not get much association. I find the description of your coming to ISKCON enlivening. Excuse my ignorance of Indian names but are you male or female? If female do you object to being addressed as Mother?

  • Dear Prabhuji, Being as you are a new member of K Visual artist group, I would love to share with you this great ISKCON artist; Jadurani Dasi. Thank you. Hari Bol!
  • hare krishna
  • Thanx for the invite..

    Hare Krishna..
  • Pamho


    Thank you very much for inviing to join.I am greatful to you 

    Thanks again


    {Hemant kotak}

  • hare krsna.
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