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  • Pamho prjee...
    Thank you for taking out ur time for replying..
    Prjee, as i do fund raising here local for our punjabi bagh temple (Delhi)..and this is one of my favorite service..which is almost like effortless for me, coz i enjoy doing it.
    But prjee you have to give me some idea as to how i can help u from here...or if u want me to talk to our local athorities...?
    Prjee one more thing..
    I have Beggar books by maharaj, but i am trying for vol4 and vol5 since last year... i went to mayapur festival to look for this book. actually i went there early it was maharaj's vyas puja..i attended the program...I requested HH Bhakti Dhir Damodar maharaj also for the book...somehow he couldnt arrange..
    May be one of the reasons why i am not getting this book is that i dont deserve this valuable jewel...or i havent tried enough.
    thank you for ur association..
    Venu madhav Das.
  • Dear Varah Prjee...
    inspired to see ur struggle...
    kindly tell me latest update of ur fundraising...!

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