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  • have a nice day
  • Thanks for being my friend, please tell me your spiritual activity for whole day, and your area of intrest.
  • Haribol Madan Mohini Devi dasi,
    How they actually make it that burfi is red and green?
    Is it just food coloring or is it something else?
  • Hari bol,

    Thanks for adding me. I am from India, Mumbai.

    Be in touch regularly.
  • hare krishna how rr uuuuu???/
    my self Mahesh
  • Haribol! nice to meet you here
  • hey haribol
    i am subodh ...just got back from vrindavan and saw ur msg on my email neways its great ...we r friends already ...I guess ....take care waiting ur response
  • Jai Radharani Maa!!
  • Thanks for accepting me in your group.
    Jai shri Krishna-Jai Shri Radhey
  • Hare Krishna !!
    Thnks for sending me friend request and i also feel happy to accept as. Would be happy to spiritual friend rather than just becoming friend.. hope to learn lot from you through the bhakti.
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