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  • krishna janmasthami india krishna spiritual

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  • hare krishna anna
    h r u..hows life...hope all r ok ...wish u a wonderful day blessed by Lord...
  • Sribalaram purnima happy ....balaram purnima india krishna religious
  • Jhulan Leels krishna radha
  • Hare Krishna...thank you also! :)
  • Hare Krishna!
    Thank you Prabhu!
  • Thank you Suresh Prabhu!
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    If you go to my channel on Youtube:

    and subscribe to my favorites, you will get daily updates of the latest that devotees around the world have posted to youtube. Such fantastic preaching material! So far my efforts have brought 2 people from youtube to chanting the holy name on japa on a regula basis!

    Mother jhulan
  • Yes i am indian origin,tamil speaking,though now english is our adopted mother tongue.I chant 18 rounds of mala.Detroit is the closest for me,but my wife and i prefer doing puja at home.Its more soul satisfying for us.We really like our Parasakthi Temple,in Pontiac,which is more south indian style of vigrahas,with chanting and puja rituals.Sort of we grew in those climes.Not that i have anything against the West Bengal style,its just a matter opinion. :)
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