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  • hello Prabhu yes I accepted your request:)
    I hope see u soon. you know İndian culturel center from İstanbul They will come here tomorrow:) how r u doing? take care güle güle:)
  • goodbye say hoşçakal or güle güle :) for turkish I dont know any carnatic singer. I just only watch some videos from I added your yahoo mail adress my yahoo emeraldgarden82 ok I dont have a cymbals and kartals but My friends will sent it from İstanbul:) Carnatic music very different . Carnatic vocal very very impressive and spiritual but North İndian music very mystical. I love tanpura and bansuri flute duet see u later takce care dear
  • hi dear turkish say "merhaba" for hello

    Im good thank u I like carnatic music too I play murchunga (morsing) , silver flute and bansuri but make a indian music very hard in here I cant found interest musician . Turkish music very kind.
    I hope you r good see u later
  • thank u dear ım fine ım looking for a job yet.

    what kind of music do u like? are u from malaysia?
  • Hare Krishna. Thanks.
  • Harey Krishna ! Thank U very much for the wonderful mails . I shall be travelling to Dwaraka dham during May 20 to 30 th . Presntly I am into service at Ahobila Mutt in hyderabd . It is wonderful being associated with U .We had few satsangh at friends place and thinking of all those nice mails u send which is being forwarded to other devotees regularly .Once again thanks and please take care ..Hari Bhol
  • thanks Im fine ım looking for a job here. I finished the university. Im bank management. Do u know about something Turkey? yes I live in Ankara capital city. Im interested in Indian culture too. see u again take care

  • Hare Krishna! Haribol - All glories to Srila Prabhupad!

    >You have been enjoying your spring
    >too much that you have forgotten me.

    :o) yes I forgot everything when I came back to germany :)
    First I got heavy sick and then I became lazy in writings.. now step by step I realize `I am not in India anymore´.

    I am happy that you have not forgetten me!!! Thank you very much!
    All glories to all the Devotees of the Lord!

    Wish you also all the best and a beautiful day.

    Happy to hear from you again!
  • Hare KrishnaThank you Dear. Nice to meet you. I hope you r good see u

  • Hare Krsna Prabhuji
    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada !!!
    Thanks a lot for all the lovely emails you been sending since a couple of weeks. I was tied with some personal work and hence I could not reply to your emails. I hope to be free by this week-end and may be I could write to you then. Hope that you will also be free by the end of the month.
    Hari Bol.
    dasa nu dasa nu das
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