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  • hare krishna prabhu ji dandvat pranam,, thank u 4 dat video
  • Hare Krishna!
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  • OH how i wish i could have met George Harrison. I had never even heard a beatle song till he left can u believe it??? when he passed away there was a speical memorial program in our temple and my guru maharaj H H Radhanath Maharaj gave a 3 hr class on the glories of Sriman George H, and when he came to his contribution to ISKCON, my guru maharaj could not control his tears , such a great soul he was He loved Srila Prabhupada so much. He was a true disciple. My guru maharaj shed tears of love remembering his significant service to SP, and how Sp remembered him in the last moments of his life that shows what a special place he had in SP's heart, whatever anyone may say. SP loved him and he loved him. i heard this song " If not for you" ...see it on you made me cry my heart out. He is definitely not an ordinary musician, when he plays the guitar its as if he is playing on the strings of the heart

    but over and above that he is an extraordinary devotee, a lover of god. a very spiritual person. But not many people knew that. SP knew him ...It takes one to know one.

    yours truly,


  • haribol , i love George Harrison, i feel he was a great devotee and he loved Srila prabhupada so much!
  • Hare Krishna, i found it very interesting that you have written George Harrison as your guru and Srila Prabhupada. Also the living in the material world foundation is doing such wonderful work. I am also interested in doing a lot of philanthropic work...and also doing something. it is nice to know you and hope some day in the future we can do some service in India. thank you.
  • Hare Krishna Pr-thank you for the friend add



  • Haribol John prabhu, i just read your profile and i found it very very interesting. I am sita devi dasi. and would like to get your association. thank you very much. Ys. Sitadd
  • Thanks for the Welcome message

    Hari Bol......HAre Krishna


  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna
    Thanks a lot for adding me in your Devotee Friends list.
    Simply encourage me in Devotional service with your blessings.
    y s
    Umesh Modak (Visual Artist)

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