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    Pranam Dearest Devotee. Hare Krishna.
    May you receive transcendental blessings,
    grace and mercy from the God of Gods, the
    Greatest of all mystics, the basis of the
    Impersonal Brahman, which is immortal,
    imperishable and eternal, the ultimate
    Supreme Truth, the Source of innumerable
    Vaikuntha planets, the Original Bhagavan,
    the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord
    Krishna. I offer my respectful obeisances
    unto Him.  May your devotion to Him be
    resolute  and  unflinching;  may  your 
    confidence in Him be firm and total; may
    your love for Him be unfailing and intense,
    and may your faith in Him be strong and
    steadfast; deep and profound; unwavering
    and unshakeable. Know well that Lord
    Krishna`s eternal love for you encircle and
    encompasses you at all times, night and day.
    With love and best wishes, take care, bye.
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