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  • hare krishna prabhu ji....can u plz tell me who can read the vedas?r there any restrictions abt who has to read them?
  • Hare Krishna Saci Gaursundara Prabhu-ji,
    Thank you for your kind attention. Asking that you pray that I will truly
    wrap it up here in the material world this lifetime. And that I grow into a pure devotee,
    taking others with me along the way. By the way, Rachel Shaver (Oct. 3) and I are
    buddies at Boston Temple, chanting and dancing our way back home. Pranams.
  • Thank you prabhu for such a nice and kind wish. Hare Krsna!
  • Thank you very much prji.



    Anagha warade

  • Hare Krishna, PAMHO, Thank you so much for the brithday wishes- YS Suprasada Gauranga Das

  • Hare Krishna GuaraSundara Das Prabhu,

    Thank you for your kind wishes.Its all Sadhu Sanga which gives encouragement in Krishna Consiounsness.So your association is much needed :)
  • Harekrishna prabhuji...PAMHO.... thank you for the wishes...



  • thanx a lot prabhuji for the blessings. Hare Krishna
  • thanks for ur blessings prabhu haribol!!!!!

  • please add me my name is reeena gupta and my phone no is 9910190921 and email id -
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