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  • hello hare krsna
  • ..radhe krishna.
  • Dear Ohene, I found this on the web, please try it. It is all about Hare Krsna ( genre-based ) Radio & TV Stations, audio, video and lectures. OR
  • Hare Krsna Ohene, my phone number is : 00-31-6 25 32 51 02 (direct access from Ghana).
  • Some Bhaktie Studies can be done in the U.K. too, but let me get some more info.
  • Dear Ohene, can you give me your phone number ? I lost it. Do you have Skype ?
  • Please give me some time to feedback you, thank you.
  • Hari BOL...Everybody out there...hari bol,
    can you please give me the TEXT....that permits:- "DEITY WORSHIP?
    I live with Jehova Witnesses...makng a lot of critisms ..about our worship!


    HARE KRSNA Ohene, about the above text, friend you better stay away from your so called friends ( Jehovah Witnesses ). I don't say that they are bad people, but follow the instructions of Srila Prabhupada. You can not change the mind of the Jehovah Witnesses since they only follow their concept and will never accept any other thing. Like fanatics. Prabhupada said do not preach to persons who assaults Krishna because that will damage your Krishna conscioussness and it is an offense to pray to persons like this. Thank you for your time. HARE KRSNA.
  • Dear Ohene, HARE KRSNA, Dandavat Pranama's, All Glories to Sri Guru, Sri Gauranga, and Srila Prabhupada. In the meantime some confusion arised, I do not know what you really want. I understood that you want to do a course in Bhakti, so I gave you some URL's and you was happy with that information. Second thing what I understood is that after completing such a course you want to shift to the temple as a fulltime devotee and this that case you mentioned the role of a Temple President. Is this OK ????????????????
    Now I do not know what more is going on in your mind. You let me see some certificates on computing. Ok that's fine, nowadays almost everyone is using a computer, so your knowledge about computer is very usefull. I can tell you that you know more about computing then I since I have not followed such course's, actually I never have done any course in computing. But the one you let me see as your certificates is the beginning, I understood that here from some proffessors in computing. That knowlege on computing can also be used within our movement and we will appreciate that. Anyway can you tell me what more you want me to do for you since it is not clear for me. I hope that you will not mind.
    I want a feedback from you. Yours sincerely, SUNILfromHOLLAND@Yahoo.Com
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