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  • hare krishna
    thank you so much for making me your friend.pls pray to gopinath that i be a good devotee of lord
  • Hare Krsna Prabhu.... Bhajhu re man sri nandnandan.
  • hare krsna neeraj prabhu

    pamho agtsP! thanks for posting that wonderfully beautiful picture on my page!

    hare krsna!

    yr servant,

  • please visit ....
  • Hare Krishna Pr ji
    thanks for sanding This Picture of Gurumaharaj.
  • I really thank you prabhuji for letting me in Krishna family tree and i am looking forward for guideness from all the devotee so i could lead my life toward peaceful jouney of life. All glories to my Guruji Sri Srilaprabhupada and many many thanks to Sri Caitanya Jivan Das Ji for his guideness which show me the true path of life. Hare Krishna to all
  • hare krishna
  • Thank you so so much!
    Hare Krishna.
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