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  • Hare Krishna mataji ! All glories to Srila Prabhupada .
    I do write a lot. And I will definitely share my writings with you. I write articles, stories and poems. I am just an amateur writer. I just write for myself and share it with few of my friends. I am a very good teacher but not a very good writer.Happy to associate with you.Take care... Hari Bol !

  • Volunteer

    Pranam Dearest Bhaktin Maral. Hare Krishna.

    May you be blessed with devotion,
    dedication and determination throughout your life. 
    With love and best wishes, take care, bye.
  • thanx 4 accepting my invitation n giving me ur association.. thanx a lot.. hare krsna dandavat pranam.

  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    thankyou to accepting me as you friend. looking forward to learn and grow in Krishna bhakti with your association.

  • Hare Krishna Mataji,
    Your blogs are very thought provoking. Thank you for the same.
    I would be very grateful if you grant me your association by accepting my friend's request.
    Your eternal servant,
    eternal muser

  • haribol mataji ur comments are very helpful and practical ! pls accept my frd request so that i can learn many things from u !


  • hare krishna mata ji

  • Haribol mataji

    I never found a great devotee like you anywhere who balance personal life,studies,seva to deities,helping devotees in discussions put on this website very correctly,

    How do you do these all such devotional activities mataji so easily.

    You are also very humble and  friendly to everyone mataji.

  • Thanks for extending your mercy for accepting my add request...Hare Krsna...

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