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  • Dear karuna: Tks for ur very touching comments and views. I agree with ur views about the darshan of Lord Vithala and Sri Sri radha Pandharinath..
    Plz write more and be in touch. Rgds: Shambhu.
  • hare krishna !!
  • Dear Karuna: Haribol. Tks for ur comment. I had gone to Badrinath Dham, hence the delay. How r things with u? What do u teach? I do law practice here and I have taught law too. Take care and do reply.
    Rgds: Shambhu.
  • hare krishna !!
  • hari bol mataji, thanx for the enlighting messeges, hare krishna
  • come to delhi we will plan a grand trip to vrindvan
  • hare krishna thanks for mercy
  • Hare krishna prabhuji...thank u for sending me charan darshan of Radharani....Please pray 4 me that one day i give good preaching lectures and harinaam sankirtan with full devotion, energy, enthusiasm and with great confidence.

    Karuna Jain
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