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  • in Malaysia...Everyday is a Lord Hari's day...See We don't really forget him!!!!....though it may seemingly look general...but what lies in our heart...tells the secret of all....
  • Hare Krishna dear mataji...I have been a while in divine humour is seemingly going on high tempo at times...and at one point...the treasure lies in my heart becomes a friend to everyone here...not mere an ordinary friend...but trying to be the servant of the servant principle friend to everyone...Humbly accept this good that He could extend his loving service to Bhagavan as well as His intimate servants like you...!!! Jay Sri Radhe...
  • haribollll
  • hare krsna mataji, this is radha here mataji, can you accept my humble obeisenses, mataji can you pelase add me as ur fnd mataji as am very new to spiritual realization mataji, i donno anything i need some help as i have many queries mataji please, thank you very much mataji, hare krsna mataji.
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