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  • new year
  • Sribalaram purnima happy ....balaram purnima india krishna religious
  • Jhulan Leels krishna radha
  • Well Im not really into chanting so this is the problem, 4 regulative principles are fine, no problem, just chanting is not my thing, I feel that Krishna wants me to do work instead of chanting so Im not sure if i will ever get a Guru but as long as I have association of nice devotees I think it is okay, if i have any difficulty there are people i can trust who canadvise me.
  • not sure, i work at Sandipani Muni school in vrindavan, the school is run by devotees so probably it will be a holiday, sometimes i work on holidays tho, depends if I have some inspiration to join the festival, I have been here for about 6 months and havent really connected with the temple yet, although i have met some nice devotees. What about you?
  • HK I see you are from West Bengal. Where is that? I have been to Calcutta and Mayapur, Mayapur is the best place in the world - except for Vrindavan of course.
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