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THE GODDESS The embodiment of beautyThe spirit of purityHer complexion resembles goldWhile Her senses are controlledShe's calm, composed, collectedTo all souls She remains connectedShe is the epicentre of radianceAs a flower's essence is…
Sep 9
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KRISHNA: HIS BIRTH AND HIS ESCAPE There had never been a day like this, nor nightPlanets repositioned to create a heavenly sightProminent was the star, Rohini, so brightA pervading peace kept at bay any tendency to fight Such was the cosmic sky on…
Aug 24
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Aug 11
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Poem and Narration - The Walking Monk - Bhaktimarga SwamiMusic - Pradyumna DasVisuals - Naradi Devi Dasi
Aug 7
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SUPERPOWER PERSON AND THE MUSTARD TRAIL It was a quiet moment when the King of Malava did ponderOn what he considered was time not at all a squander"Just what is the Superpower Person like?I feel that sometimes He will bless, sometimes strikeI have…
Jun 20
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BIG CATHe was ferociousYet not atrociousBearing a gaping mouthStretching from north to southWith terrifying jawsAnd matching clawsEffective incisorsTo intimidate all misersHe tossed his lofty maneAnd exposed muscle and veinReleasing a deafening…
May 25
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WHAT IS IT WITH PRAYER? Is it not the most divine form of communicationA way of expression, a marvellous supplicationAn urge from the heart due to a hurt or a woundA cry so desperate from feeling so ruinedA call for help as if lost in dense…
May 19
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PANKAJANGHRI He was a fellow perceptibly mellowHe arrived with his brother to follow At the beck and call of MahaprabhuIn a land of mist and morning dew From there on, it was all overWorldliness gone/personal makeover A dedication to good deed and…
May 8
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May 7