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  • look great Advaita in your photo try to catch up with Bimala.
    where are u stationed now?
    how is mum haven't heard from her in awhile.
    Hari Bol Surabhi
  • hare krsna PAMHO
  • Hare Krishna,PAMHO,AGTSP there is no loss or diminition & a little advancement can protect us from dengerous type of fear.So prji u are an inborn devotee.Nice to have your association.
  • hori hori
  • Not sure, when were you in New Govardhana? My mum used to teach there for ages, Ambika. And my dad is Deva Dharma.
  • Oh cool well maybe we will catch up or have even met, I went to gurukul in murwillumbah...would I know your parents?
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