Swollen under eye area?

Hare Krishna Doctor Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

What might be the reason for swollen eyes?

Is there any problem with kidney?

Usually i do not like to drink water. And for over 6 years do not eat salt, sugar...

Kidney was checked, seems no stones, thank Krishna.

Thank You!

Your servant, 

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  • Volunteer

    hare krsna mataji.. please accept my humble obeisances..

    there may be variety of reason for swollen eyes.. and kidney problem can be a cause for swollen eyes..

    having said that i must tell you that, in kidney problem, there is edema or swelling in the body, which starts at the eye and its sorrounding, and gradually swelling spread to the whole body, in a matter of 6 mnth to 1 year..or earlier also..

    in your case, since it is, only confined to eye area, so in my opinion, it is not related to kidney.. 

    so, in your case genetic, like, it may be a normal feature for you.. so, you donot need to restrict water.

    one should drink at least drink 2-4 liter of water daily, to flush out toxins out of body.. 

    i donot find any reason why you are not taking salt and sugar... neither you are diabetic no you have high B.P..

    you are perfectly fine mataji..

    hare krsna..


    • Volunteer

      Thank You so much Prabhu!

      But should we force ourselves to drink water?

      If i drink water so much I won't eat food. Usually i drink when i feel thirst.

      Salt i do not take because thought might be because of this body gets swollen and that time i drink really too much water.

      Why we should eat salt?

      Also read that if one does not take salt will have nice voice?

      I am already habituated so do not feel having food with salt...

      Sugar - feel dizziness if i start to eat food with sugar. Even banana and papaya (sometimes grapes) make like this.

      I do not know the reason. So do not eat at all. 

      On the place of it dry sweet fruits like an-jeer (figs)...

      Why we should eat sugar? 

      Thank You!

      Your servant, 

    • Volunteer

      hare krsna mataji... dandavat pranam..

      yes,.. we have to take minimum of 2-3 liter of water daily, if we dont have any problem..

      salt and sugar are not compulsory.. but generally people love to take them..

      since you are alrady habituated not taking them.. its fine..

      you are very austere mataji.. i will also try to absorb some quality of yours..

      thank you...

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