Please doctor help

Dandavat accept my obeissances.

I need help urgency  please help me here in my country  no have ayurveda, question is: How to increase body defenses fast? without use of drugs or chemotherapy, please help me urgent, for more antecxedent, contact me private,

Hare krishna, thank for service

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    Hare Krishna! mataji please accept my humble obeisances.

    I could understand by your words that you have some knowledge of antioxidents. You donot require ayurvedic knowledge to increase your immunity in herbal way. You should remember that Vit-c helps a lot in increasing it. You can take lemon a day and water atleast 2-3 liters/day. It should not be taken in one go. it should be taken in incremental way say hourly or two hourly. Donot take tomato . You can have pine apple, sweet lime, orange, plum etc. Being a lady you should make sure your hemoglobin is about 12gm% If it is less you will be prone to infections.  We vegetarians can get iron from green leaves(spinach)-palak. make sure you take with lemon(lemon juice  should not be heated.) Vit-c helps in absorption of iron. When you take this you should avoid milk and milk and milk products for two hours before and two hours after.( calcium products). If gooseberry is available it is the best source of vit. c. Daily you can have sprouts of one fistfull only. not more and it should be fresh so that fungus is not grown on it. this should not be can add lemon juice, salt etc according to your taste. I think this will help you for now. I just joined this group. This is the regimen i give to my patients. if you have any further queries you can feel free to ask this brother at

    yours dasanudasa, 

    beera prabhu das

  • hare krishna mataji

    dandavat pranaam

    all glories to srila prabhupada

    your question is "How to increase bodydefenses fast?"

    actually i cudnt get properly..  are you asking about  immunity against infections? or something else?

    hare krishna..

    ur servant.

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