I am suffering from vertigo..please help

Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

I am suffering from vertigo. I feel dizziness while moving and working on computer. I am not able to concentrate on my daily works and not able to perform bhakti with full concentration that i done earlier. Please help me to recover from the problem as i want to live again normal life and concentrate on bahkti and full fill my daily life duties related to my family and my job.

Regards Vibhav Dikshit

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    hare krsna prabhujee..

    prabhujee.. vertigo is a symptom, which may have variety of reasons.. so, one need to find out the exact cause of vertigo den treat the cause.. for, that some investigation will be required as well as examinations.. my advice to you will be you please consult a physician, and take advice from him and follow.. thank you ..

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