High B.P. followed by Acidity


 Thank you Mataji for your kind suggestion, Hare Krishna,    My sincere Dandabat at your kind feet,

  All glories to Srila Prabhupad.

                                                   I am 56 yrs. Working as a Teacher in Secondary High School, Teaching literature subjects requiring lots of talking everyday. If at your support, I can get some redress of my problems, I shall be highly obliged. Thank you once again.,,,,,,   (HARE KRISHNA)

                                                                                                            Yours Sincerely 

                                                                                                      Your trusted servant & wellwisher


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  • Volunteer
    Hare krsna prabhujee... dandavat pranam...
    Since you are 56 year,.. so, I will like to know some other information regarding you..
    1-since how long you are having high BP..
    2-any medication you are taking for that, please provide the detail..
    3-have you ever had any kind of chest pain, or headache or dizziness kind of thing..
    4-Do you measure your BP regularly.. what is your Current BP.. please tell me..

    Prabhujee.. high BP, is a chronic thing, it cant be cured, but it can be maintained at a normal level..
    Different level of BP has differant treatment.. high BP in itself is very problematic, it can cause lots of complication.. I will tell you some General remedy, but at your age, I think you have to take some medicine..
    1-avoid salt in execess.. I will tell you a simple way, the amount of salt required for cooking an item is enough, donot take extra salt..
    2-avoid salted food stuffs completely, no compromise..
    3-do some cardiovascular exercise, or isotonic exercise like jugging, cycling, etc which involve whole body, this is very effective in reducing BP..
    4-since you are a teacher, and you need a lot of talking, so your Life will be stress ful, so start some breathing exercise like pranayam etc..they are very helpful, to combat stress and maintain BP..
    5-avoid fatty food stuff.. donot take junk food.. use oil in moderation in your kitchen..
    So, I will be waiting for your answer, to my question, and then I can suggest you, some other thing...
    • Hare Krsna My Dear Physician Prabuji.... Dandavat  pranm, All glories to Srila Prabhupad.  I must first of all thank you very much for your kind support.   As to your questions, I would most humbly say that 

                          1. I have been suffering of the problem since 1 year.

                           2. I have a feeling of drizzling most of the time, specifically after eating day meal.

                            3.I was measuring repeatedly up to sept. recording around 160-170/90-95 but then stopped.

                              May I kindly be advised on the recommended food habit & way of exercise once again.

    • Volunteer

      hare krsna pranhujee.. danadavat pranam..

      thank you for providing me, those information, as they are very important...

      as far your problem is from last 1 year,.. so, not a very long time..

      but prabhujee, 160-170 is moderately high.. 

      so this needs two prong treatment...

      1-medical treatment        2-life style change..

      coming to medical traetment, i will strongly recommend you to consult a physician,

      you have to start some medicine to reduce your BP, take it seriously prabhu..

      sometimes, as devotees, we are very negligant, on taking medicine.,. 

      you also need to do certain blood tests, like blood glucose, lipid profile, and other tests..

      coming to lifestyle change, it is same as i have written above.. the most important of them is jogging in the morning, or running in trademill.. avoid salt as much as possible..do breathing exercise like pranayam and anulamb-bilamb.. since, you are filling dizziness, so be careful when you wake from sleep or standing from prolonged sitting position..

      thank you prabhujee.. wish you a healthy krsna conscious life ahead..

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    I have seen in many patients weight reduction will surely help control BP.. daily morning walk, brisk walk, for atleast half an hr, atleast 5 days a week, will surely help to reduce wt.. And ofcourse reduction in the dietary salt consumption,, do not consume pickle, papad, chips and other salty items..  For acidity avoid spicy food.. Do not consume tea or coffee.. eat bit at regular intervals.. at 8am breakfast, 11 am some small snack, 1 pm lunch, 4pm small snack, 8pm dinner.. take medications prescribed regularly..

    May be all these can be done as an austerity for Krishna.. otherwise v wont get inspiration to follow rules and regulations..

    your servant

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