Dear Doctor,

Hare Krishna!

My mother (56 years old) frequently senses pain in her ring and little finger as if someone is piercing her finger with a needle. The pain can suddenly arise anytime of day. She has noticed that it starts paining mostly when She strongly washes the iron 'tawa' with a cement bar . 

I browsed the internet and came across a syndrome called as Guyon's canal syndrome (also called as Guyon's tunnel syndrome). I learnt that her case has all the symptoms of this syndrome.

I learnt that it can be treated by Massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic and osteopathic care. If these options do not produce the desired results, some doctors may recommend working with a pharmaceutical or surgical option.

In case, the doctors advise a surgical option, what it may normally cost in Mumbai? 

I thought that it is wise to ask a devotee doctor before consulting a non-devotee doctor. 

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  • Hare Krishna prabhu,

    sorry for late reply. I was bit busy with exam prepn. So didnt see ur mresg. As mentioned by help devotees it depends on whether u ll go to some service oriented hospital or branded hospital. Still not to worry much, its a simple operation, won't be much costly. Pray to Krishna. He will take care..

    Your servant

  • Volunteer

    hare krsna prabhujee.. dandavat pranam..

    prabhujee... it is difficult to estimate a cost, for the operation, dat u hv mentioned above.. because d cost will depend upon so many factors..



    3-set up-private or govt..

    4-exact condition of hand that is severity of operation.. etc..

    so cost has to be customised..

    according to me, it should not cost more den 30,000 rupees..

    thank u..


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