Dandavat Pranam Prabhu, 

Firstly, please could You go through this link http://www.iskcondesiretree.net/forum/topics/preparation-for-the-greatest-pandava-nirjala-ekadashi?commentId=2103886%3AComment%3A2027959&xg_source=msg_com_forum

Here are the main questions:

1. Why we feel vomiting? 

2. Why pain in muscles?

Thank You!

Your servant, maral

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  • Volunteer

    hare krishna mataji,

    please accept my humble obeisances. i have gone through your query. i like to present some facts about the body before comming to treatment.

    our body is a machine. there is some thing called biological time. So, according to this the body starts producing acids necessary for digestion even with out food. In normal ekadasi  you can just take water to flush the acid secreted in your stomach down the intestines. During nirjal ekadasi it is not possible so you can take medications on the night before the ekadasi. Medications which can stop production of acids in the stomach. They are harmless. i my self will take and fast for the whole day. 

    The medication should be taken on empty stomach atleast half an hour before eating your regular food.Cap. Omez 20mg. This medication act only to prevent secretions. This will not act on acids already secreted.This is cheap with no side affects.

    With acidity one can get nausea and vomiting. This is natural way of the body to remove unnecessary acid.

    i hope this will help you mataji.

    Dr.beera prabhu das


  • hare krishna mata ji

    dandwat parnaam

    all glories to srila prabhupada


    due to decreased level of glucose in body one feels nausea vomiting... next day start breaking fast with juice and must b taking slowly...  so  first sip get absorbed in body and elevate glucose level.. then next and next...  otherwise without elevating level of glucose in body if we even drink water .. it repulses..


    muscle pain is due to decreasing water in muscles .. so always ignore bodily activities   coz   working out will decrease water and glucose both... 

    hare krishna

    your servant

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