Acidity/GERD  and ulcers.

Hare Krishna Dear Dcotr,

Despite eating Sattwic food why do we get acidity problem. What are th enatural sources of diets to over come acidity and what are th ethings to be avoided. Is it necessary to getupper GI endoscopy if acidity is severe ? What is the difference between acidity and ulcer ?

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    Hare krsna mataji.. dandavat pranam..
    I will be your servant for this forum..
    coming to your question, acidity of stomach is not just a problem related to eating,
    of course, eating is a major part of the cause of acidity, apart from eating, there are several other important thing we have to take care.
    STRESS is a major factor which is associated with acidity, like say exam, or family problem, economical problem, or any mental stress can produce acidity...
    another is IRREGULARITY IN EATING HABIT, we must have a discipline way of Life style, some people are very sensitive, a slight derangement in schedule can produce severe acidity in them.
    irregularity in sleeping habit is also a factor.. and there are some bacteria like H. PYLORI , which can also produce acidity..
    any kind of disease process that effects us can also produce acidity..
    so, eventhough, we are taking only satvik foods, we can have acidity due to other reasons..
    those who are having acidity problem, I will recommend them some lifestyle change..
    1-breakfast is a must.. donot skip your breakfast.. acid secretion is usually More in morning.
    2-practice a discipline lifestyle, as far possible, fix timing of your eating and sleeping..
    3-donot take fruits in empty stomach..
    fruits are digested without acid, but they stimulate secretion of acid...
    4-avoid spicy food stuff, as far as possible..
    5-avoid rice in the night time, try to take roti or chapati, they are less acid secreter than rice, because rice is rich in starch content, it produces highest secretion of acid..
    5-drink water adequately, 3-4 lit. water daily atleast..
    6- if you have problem of regurgitation(khati dakar), then drink small amount of water frequently, while sleeping keep your head end elevated, with a high pilow..
    7-pranayam is a good way to remain stress free, if you can do it regularly, well and good, but only after finishing our prescribed number of rounds..
    8-on fasting days, be careful, I will not tell not to fast, but to take adequate precaution..
    if acidity is very severe, and refractory to Life style change and medication..
    then it is better to do an upper g. I endoscopy..
    acidity is an phenomenon and ulcer is a long term deletorius effect.. the acid, if not treated, will gradually burn away the stomach wall, producing an ulcer.. the ulcer can bleed, it can produce obstruction, so many complication. and it can be easily identified by upper g.I endoscopy..
    thank you.. I will update the answer, as I get relevant datas..
    any other regarding acidity, you can ask..
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      Hare Krishna Prabhu, my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      Thank You so much for such a nice answer! With so much care!

      Is it ok if we eat only Ekadashi food avoiding grains, because especially this rice some other grains are heavy and make acidity. 

      So is avoiding them is a solution?

      For example even sabudana or suji makes severe acidity.

      Might it be because of much fasting? So that fire already is very low?

      Also I used to know that one should take fruits when stomach is empty. So till this day practicing eating fruits for breakfast. But i did not know that it was the reason for acidity.

      Thank You!

      Your servant, 

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      hare krsna mataji.. my humble obeisances..

      eating ekadashi prasad daily, will not be a solution, i think.. because we require some energy also,. that only grain can give us... so, it will be better to take  rice once  in a day,. if, you are very sensitive, you can take in small amount.. complete avoidnce will make us unnessecerily weak and lethergic.. 

      fasting can also cause problem of acidity,, those people who are very sensitive, they have to become very careful.. we may take some over the counter antacids, before such days.. 

      no, if you are having problems of acidity, donot take fruit in empty stomach, especially citrus fruits, like orange , lemon, grapes, pineapple etc.. it will aggravate acidity..

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      my humble obeisances Prabhu, 

      Thank You again!

      Even if i eat only fruits i feel so much energy, i do not know from where it is.

      But for sure You are right we need to eat grains for becoming strong - full of energy.

      But my life style is not so much active physically. 

      rice once  in a day,. if, you are very sensitive, you can take in small amount.. complete avoidance will make us unnecessarily weak and lethargic.. 

      But when i eat grains i feel sleepy and have to sleep longer than when i do not do so. 

      So if i have enough energy with seeds and fruits and milk, is it must for me to eat grains, Prabhu?

      Anyways i take sooji which is also grain but not rice.

      no, if you are having problems of acidity, donot take fruit in empty stomach, especially citrus fruits, like orange , lemon, grapes, pineapple etc.. it will aggravate acidity..


      Thank You!

      Your servant, 

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      hare krsna mataji..PAMHO..

      yes, fruits can also give energy, definitely.. like mango, banana, coconut etc.

      so, if you are comfortable with them, its ok and fine.. no, problem at all..

      but i have seen devotees, who became weak if they take only fruits.. so, those who are doing moderatly heavy work, or heavy work , for them taking one large meal of grain is a need..

      as for you, you are a better judge , for what suits you the most.. its true that after taking grain, we feel sleepy, thats why i generally recommend rice in day time, because we are busy in activities..

      it is never a must to take grain.. it is customized, according to preferance.. prabhupada told one can sustain oneself with 2 piece of chapati, some fruits and one full glass of milk daily.. so we have to see ourselves.... and sooji is also fine, and that is my personal favorite..

      thank you.. 



      Thank you very much for such a detailed reply. Shall follow advise given by you.


      Your servant


      Malini Shankar

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