Seva Kunja.

This is the sacred place of the rasa dance and also where Lord Krishna offered service to Srimati Radharani by decorating Her hair with flowers, as well as massaging and painting Her lotus feet. Radha and Krishna would sometimes spend the night here, dancing with the gopis and enjoying various transcendental pastimes. One can see the rasa-sthali, commemorating the rasa dance of Lord Krishna with the gopis. There is also a small temple dedicated to Radha and Krishna's pastimes called Rang Mahal where Lord Krishna decorated Srimati Radharani. Near the entrance to this garden is a kunda created by Lord Krishna. He pushed His foot into the ground just to please Lalita devi when she was feeling thirsty and wanted to drink water.The transcendental rasa dance performance of Lord Krishna can never be compared to any mundane dancing of the conditioned souls. Krishna's performance of the rasa dance is a completely spiritual affair of pure love, enacted on the spiritual platform, between the Lord and His greatest devotees, who had all taken the form ofgopis, the beautiful cowherd damsels of Vrindavana. They were by far the most beautiful damsels in the whole universe.Krishna, being the Supreme Lord, is also the Supreme Enjoyer. Everything in creation is meant for the Lords pleasure; the gopis of Vrindavana perfectly understood this and were prepared to do anything and everything for the satisfaction of Krishna. They did not expect anything in return for their service; this is bhakti-yoga, complete surrender in pure unalloyed devotion to the Lord.In a former life, some of the gopishad been great rsis and perfect yogis.Due to their great austerities and perfect meditation, they had attained the chance to associate with the Supreme Lord in His most intimate loving pastimes within the forest of Vrindavana. It should be clearly understood that there is not even the slightest tinge of material lust, or mundane sex indulgence in the transcendental pastimes of spiritual love between Lord Krishna and the gopis. In their former lives the rsis and yogis were completely above the mundane sensual plane due to their perfect meditation; in their next lives they associated directly with the Lord, in their pure spiritual forms as the beautifulgopis of Vrindavana. Those who think that these pastimes of the Lord in Vrindavana are manifestations of mundane lusty activities are certainly possessed of a hellish mentality.

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