Japa Meditation Technique By Mahanidhi Swami. The Vedas Proclaim That Chanting The Transcendental Names Of God Is The Maha-Sadhana, The Best Yoga Practice For This Dark Age Of Terror And Tension.
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  • Chanting Krsna's sweet name purifies the heart; sanctifies and steadies the mind; destroys the six enemies [lust, anger, greed, envy, illusion, madness]; stops birth and death; dissolves sins; scorches samskaras; annihilates attachment; induces detachment; uproots desires; empowers one; makes one fearless; removes illusion; bestows supreme peace; delivers prema; reveals the Lord and His dhama; shows one's svarupa; showers bhakti-rasa; and engages one in his nitya seva for the pleasure of Radha-Syama.
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    Mental equilibrium is to fix the mind on Lord Krishna.
    Mere peacefulness without Krishna consciousness
    is dull and useless state of mind.

    Discipline means first to control one`s own senses.
    If one wants to discipline one`s children, disciples
    or followers without controlling one`s own senses,
    one becomes a mere laughing stock.

    Tolerance means to patiently endure unhappiness,
    such as that provoked by the insults or negligence of others.
    One must also sometimes accept material inconvenience
    to carry out the injunctions of the scriptures,
    and that unhappiness also must be patiently endured.

    Truthfulness means that one should speak in a pleasing way
    so that there will be a beneficial effect.
    If one becomes attached to pointing out the faults of others
    in the name of truth, then such fault-finding
    will not be appreciated by saintly persons.

    Cleanliness means to give up material attachment,
    not merely to frequently clean one`s body.

    Real modesty is to be disgusted with improper activities.

    Steadfastness means to control the tongue and the genitals.

    Austerity means to give up lust and sense gratification
    and to observe prescribed vows such as Ekadasi.
    It does not mean inventing whimsical methods
    for torturing the material body.

    Beauty is to possess good qualities such as detachment.

    Real happiness is to transcend material happiness and unhappiness.

    Real misery is to be implicated in searching for sex pleasure.

    Real education means to give up the false idea
    that anything is separate from Lord Krishna, the source of all potencies.

    Real charity means to renounce all aggression toward others.
    If one gives money to charitable causes but at the same time
    engages in exploitative business enterprises or abusive political tactics,
    one`s charity is worth nothing at all.

    Real wealth is to be religious.

    Real heroism is to conquer one`s lower nature.
    Certainly everyone likes to propagate his own fame as a brilliant person,
    but everyone is also subjected to lust, anger, greed and so forth.
    Therefore one has to conquer these lower qualities.

    Real renunciation means to give up one`s false sense of proprietorship
    over one`s family, and not just giving away material objects.

    Equal vision means to give up jealousy and envy and
    to recognize the existence of the soul within every material body.
    One must also see the true spiritual equality of all living entities and all situations.

    Real religious renunciation means that one should serve saintly persons
    who enlighten us with spiritual knowledge.

    A fool is one who identifies with the material body and mind.

    A wise person is one who knows the process of freedom from bondage.

    The wrong path is sense gratification by which the consciousness is bewildered.

    The real path in life is that which leads to Lord Krishna.

    The purpose of life is to transcend materially good and bad qualities
    and come to the liberated platform of pure Krishna consciousness.

    bhave bhave yathā bhaktiḥ
    pādayos tava jāyate
    tathā kuruṣva deveśa
    nāthas tvaḿ no yataḥ prabho

    O Lord of lords, O master, please grant us
    pure devotional service at Your lotus feet, life after life.

    nāma-sańkīrtanaḿ yasya
    sarva-pāpa praṇāśanam
    praṇāmo duḥkha-śamanas
    taḿ namāmi hariḿ param

    I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Lord, Hari,
    the congregational chanting of whose holy names
    destroys all sinful reactions, and the offering of obeisances
    unto whom relieves all material suffering.

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    kṛṣṇa-ādi, āra yata sthāvara-jańgame
    kṛṣṇa-preme matta kare kṛṣṇa-sańkīrtane

    The holy name of Kṛṣṇa is so attractive that anyone who chants it — including all living entities, moving and nonmoving, and even Lord Kṛṣṇa Himself — becomes imbued with love of Kṛṣṇa. This is the effect of chanting the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra. Śrī Caitanya Caritāmṛta Antya 3.268
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    nāmābhāsa haite haya saḿsārera kṣaya

    Even a faint light from the holy name of the Lord can eradicate all the reactions of sinful life.
    Śrī Caitanya Caritāmṛta Antya 3.63
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    taḿ nirvyājaḿ bhaja guṇa-nidhe pāvanaḿ pāvanānāḿ
    śraddhā-rajyan-matir atitarām uttamaḥ-śloka-maulim
    prodyann antaḥ-karaṇa-kuhare hanta yan-nāma-bhānor
    ābhāso 'pi kṣapayati mahā-pātaka-dhvānta-rāśim

    O reservoir of all good qualities, just worship Śrī Kṛṣṇa, the purifier of all purifiers, the most exalted of the personalities worshiped by choice poetry. Worship Him with a faithful, unflinching mind, without duplicity and in a highly elevated manner. Thus worship the Lord, whose name is like the sun, for just as a slight appearance of the sun dissipates the darkness of night, so a slight appearance of the holy name of Kṛṣṇa can drive away all the darkness of ignorance that arises in the heart due to greatly sinful activities performed in previous lives. Śrī Caitanya Caritāmṛta Antya 3.62
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Chanting Experiences

Radhe Krishna, Today, I visited ISKCON temple, Chennai, India and participated in the Bajan and listened to Gita discourse. I also bought Jaba Beads and pouch. Learned how to Chant Maha Mantra from a guru ji there in the stall. Overall, very very happy and enlightening experience. Just now concluded 2 rounds of Maha mantra chanting. As one of my colleague and initiated disciple, told me, I have started chanting say 2 rounds initially, once I am comfortable with my concentration, then increase…

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The five As in chanting are attraction, attention, absorption, attachment and affection. This japa meditation technique combines an understanding of these five features of the mind and heart. There are also prayers to Sri Nama Prabhu, begging to attain genuine attraction, attention, absorption, attachment and affection for Krsna's holy names.1) Attraction-The inestimable power of Krsna's attraction acts everywhere in creation from the atoms to the cosmos. From the invisible movements of…

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What does it mean that the holy name of Krsna is transcendental, and should never be considered a material sound vibration? The holy name has absolutely nothing to do with the mundane world of matter. The holy name is not a combination of material letters and syllables. The form of the holy name is sat-cit-ananda, eternal blissful consciousness. Although in this world, the holy name is not of this world. The divine name of the Lord is not a product of the material world. Only a liberated soul…

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