• Seen him, more like felt his presence. Yes. There is a God realization. Tears fall down, you laugh, you feel elated, maybe detached, maybe atuned, maybe arrogant. But it is an experience, and over the years i've learned Krishna's realization is different. You progress into a hard positivity, you fell more at ease, self-confident, and confident in one thing : Krishna is always there no matter what.

  • Hare Hrishna, I have not seen Him, but yes, we do reciprocate each other in some form or the other. I've always felt Him near me in an invisible form, telling me in my heart what to do and what not to do. He is always there whenever He feels I need Him. I've seen Him in my dream once...He was saying something beautiful ad sensible, but u see, if you ask me to re-collect His form and things he said....i don't remember...All i remember is that He came in my dreams. 

    Just tell Him once, Lord, I will discharge my duties and i don't know what the result will be, because im leaving everything including me and my life's string in Your Hands..You can do whatever You would like to. 

    So surrender everything unto Him and He will definitely take care of the rest.

    You have His Mercy on you which is why you are asking this question :)

    Take Care,


  • Hi i have seen god for 15 min.not sri english is not so good.aap yeh mat socho ki god nahi hai woh jab chayega aap use dekh lenge aur krishna ke hi roop me maine dekha hai god

  • one cannot see ksna with naked eyes but feel his presence ,i had a personal experience as when i needed him when i was lost in a unknown city he came in form of stranger to help me
    • Hare Krishna

      There are so many instances in devotees life where the Lord does come directly or indirectly.I had also experienced many times in my life ,though not with naked eyes but  in my dreams whenever i longed to see His transcendental form.He used to come in my dreams sometimes with the Chaturbhuj roop or sometimes in His bal swaroop.

      The Supreme Lord gives His darshan to devotees according to their level of devotional pursuit.As seen in Narada's past life,when he was performing penance to get the darshan of the Lord;he could only hear Lord's voice in his heart saying that he would get to see Him only in his next life when His penance would reach its pinnacle.However, there are instances where the Lord has given darshan to devotees who did not do any penance at all.

      Perhaps what God wants from his devotees is longing for  Him and only Him.And He reciprocates to the devotee's feelings according to that level.

      There goes this famous incident in the life of Swami Vivekananda wherein a devotee asks Swamiji to tell him how he  can see God.Then Swamiji takes him to the river and pulls his head into the water.The person apparently shocked cries out desperately to release him out of the water.After some time when Swamiji leaves him,he asks why he did like that,then Swamiji asks the person how he had felt during that time.The person replies that at that instant ,he longed desperately to get out of the waters and he desired nothing more.Then,Swamiji says if anyone had atleast a fraction of that longing for the perception of the Lord,then the Supreme Lord could never stop Himself from coming to give his devotee His darshan or whatever his desire.


      All the chanting and other devotional practice that we do is to develop that longing for Him and it often takes many lifetimes to attain that.

      Please forgive in case of any mistakes,i said this out of my experience.


      Jai jai Nitai Gaurang,

      Hare krishna.




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      Dear Pooje Hare Krsna thank you for being kind and revealing your personal experience with us.  We are very grateful. 
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      Dear devotee Hare Krsna!  Im very interested in your question.  Very inteligent question.   You can write to me. 
  • Hare krishna,

    "Don't try to see God.Act in such a way that God will see you."
    -Krishna Consciousness,The Topmost Yoga system,Srila Prabhupad.

    God must exist because God means the source of all existence. Since it is a scientific fact that we cannot get something from nothing, there must therefore be a source for all of existence. In this way we can understand the proof for the existence of God.

    The presence of God is so transparent that even a small child can understand.By seeing the divine arrangement of God for the livingentities.

    Many great authorities like Devala, madvacharya,shankaracharya and great pure devotees like Narada, Vyasadeva, Bhaktha Prahallada, Druvamaharaj and many many innumarable pastimes of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna are the wise witness for the presence of God,Krishna.

    Because we are fallen soul we cannot see the God,Krishna, but we too can experience the presence of God within us and, God ,Krishna is seated inside us as paramathma inorder to guide the surrendered souls, Krishna says that He is the sweet taste of water, and the sunrays which we can see and feel is the shadow of Lord Sri Krishna's effelgent body.if we start listing Krishna's background there is no end at all,so krishna is present in each and every atom.

    "Never Forget Krishna always remember krishna"

    Chant hare krishna mahamantra and have a nice time .........

    jay jagannath!!
    • Radhe Radhe,

      What ever U said is absolutely right. Its not that I doubt the existance of GOD but I just want to learn from someone who have actually seen him. He only can give the best advice about how to practice to see Lord Krishna.  

      Unfortunately I could not get someone ...

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