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        the first question is why the god created the souls? if he is full and everything what the need for creating this world and that to living beings, even he created the animals why he created the man with mind and brain i.e full of wants and greed, lust and etc

      • the second question is why he introduced the souls with wants

      • and greed

      • if he is the creater of these wants why he is punshing the souls in the name of karma and prarabhdha

        • the third question why the soul cannot break the karmic bond on its own as the soul is god's same thing, why the soul always immeresed in these worldly matters even he doesnot want on his own and again failure causes the rebirth and cycle forever

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          the fouth question is why lord is siliently enjoyig when the soul is suffering with various diseases and he cannot blamed for it as the karma of the soul, if the karma is assigned by him then why the soul is getting punishment more

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          the fifith question: even he created the same and entire thing created by him why he created the unequal and unfair to some as changelled persons and diseased person and his fate is ill and some one fate is well even both did the same work and same job at same time

        • the sixth question

        • why the vedic knowledge only confined to india

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          the seventh question : if rama and krishna are gods why they are limited to inida but not rest of the world, why the other parts of world 100% lost the faith on them even in india also by the culture degradtion why it is moving down

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Rama Setu,

Hare KrishnaPlease accept my humble obeisances.All glories to Srila Prabhupada.Sri Valmikiji has mentioned the dimesnsions of Rama Setu ,which is 10 Yojan Wide and 100 Yojan long, meaning 80 miles wide and 800 miles long, how do reconile with current geographical distance between India and Sri Lanka, which is about 30 Kilometetrs?thnaksMayapura Candra Dasa

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My question is little weird but i hope anyone gives me the perfect answer...

It is said that when we are in krishna consciousness and remember krishna at time of our death...we go back to the kingdom of Godhead...and we are free from birth and death.That means our soul goes back to Shri Krishna...instead of entering other body.Therefore i wanted to know that if our soul enters the kingdom of Godhead and never returns from where does the bodies at this material world gets another soul?Is it so that Shri Krishna , our eternal father sends new soul to this…

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