It is said that when we are in krishna consciousness and remember krishna at time of our death...we go back to the kingdom of Godhead...and we are free from birth and death.

That means our soul goes back to Shri Krishna...instead of entering other body.

Therefore i wanted to know that if our soul enters the kingdom of Godhead and never returns from where does the bodies at this material world gets another soul?

Is it so that Shri Krishna , our eternal father sends new soul to this world?

I am very sorry if i used any bad word...i just want to learn something...more about krishna...


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  • Hare Krishna Dear Abhishek Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances. Thank you so much for asking an intelligent question. Srila prabhupada always said that asking question is a sign of intelligence and this is also one of the ways to progress in krishna consciousness. 

    Coming to your question, it is true that the soul does not enter any other material body if it is to go back to godhead. The reason the soul enters this material world from spiritual world is the enviousness of krsna and the souls wants to enjoy separately from krsna. In spiritual world, the soul has its separate identity and a FREE WILL. Due to this desire of enjoying separately from krsna, soul falls down and enters this material world and to any material body.

    Even if the soul goes back to god head , it does not guarantee it won't fall down, it depends what desire and free will the soul has. Usually it does not happen but its the same process for all the souls.

    you made a wonderful point of NEW SOUL. Krsna says in BG ch 2 that the soul is eternal and ever existing. So there is no question of New or Old soul. However just like a father fulfills the demand of a small child to get the things, krsna being our eternal father fulfills our demand of enjoying separately from him by sending us to this material world.

    I hope it answer your questions

    Your Servant 

    Ronnie Kapoor

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