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  • Hare Krishna & Namaste,

    I am a beginner and am learning many new things. One thing I wonder is how Shiva relates to Brahman/Paramatma. I know that Brahman and Paramatma are features of the Supreme Lord, but when yogis feel /realize "Shiva" or say "Shivoham" are they bowing to a transformation of Brahman/Paramatma or something else? I know Shiva is like yogurt and Krishna is milk, but I would like to know the specifics on this if possible. Thank you, Haribol.
      Radhe Dheeraj
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    • Brahman means we souls.paramatma (super soul) accompanied with soul to guide him,fulfilled the desire,and protect him.
    • Is Brahman the sum total of all souls then? Thanks. Haribol.
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  • Rama Setu is 100 Yojan long and 10 Yojan wide, as mentioned in Sri Valmiki Ramayana, which is 800 miles long as Srila Prabhupada has accepted one Yojan equals to 8 miles,so how do we reconcile this scriptural quote with current distance between India and Sri Lanka , which is only about 30 KM of Indian Ocean?
    • Dandavats Hare Krishna,
      We dont have geographical map of treta yuga the period in which Ramayana took place. Please note that there is a hypothesis called as continental drift. So taking into consideration the scientific aspect of it, its possible in treta yuga, India and Lanka were separated by a larger distance. Hope this answers your question.
  • Hare Krishna..i have one confusion. According to one legend, narkasura was born to varaha avatar of vishnu and boomi devi and he was slain by Lord Krishna during 8th incarnation. Did he continue to live from treta yuga all the way up till dwapara yuga? But then why is narkasura not mentioned in any of the intermediate avatars of vishnu ( from narashimha avatar to ram avatar)? Thank you Hare Krishna
  • Whenever devotees use modern technological products in their preaching, they are affirming faith in modern science and technology as it is, actually.
    Unless, atleast, endeavours to solve problems of modern science, preferable with concepts from vedas,there is no chance of claiming to be on a better path with greater probability of success in any goal - material or spiritual as perceived and experienced by non- devotees and all not pure devotees. Delivering and endeavouring to deliver all is the most important Vaishnava duty.So why is not endeavouring to solve problems in modern science not a big part of endeavour ISKCON
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Rama Setu,

Hare KrishnaPlease accept my humble obeisances.All glories to Srila Prabhupada.Sri Valmikiji has mentioned the dimesnsions of Rama Setu ,which is 10 Yojan Wide and 100 Yojan long, meaning 80 miles wide and 800 miles long, how do reconile with current geographical distance between India and Sri Lanka, which is about 30 Kilometetrs?thnaksMayapura Candra Dasa

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My question is little weird but i hope anyone gives me the perfect answer...

It is said that when we are in krishna consciousness and remember krishna at time of our death...we go back to the kingdom of Godhead...and we are free from birth and death.That means our soul goes back to Shri Krishna...instead of entering other body.Therefore i wanted to know that if our soul enters the kingdom of Godhead and never returns from where does the bodies at this material world gets another soul?Is it so that Shri Krishna , our eternal father sends new soul to this…

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