Hare Krishna,

Some weeks ago I dreamed I was walking trought the city of Amsterdam, where I live in waking life aswell.
I was looking for a nice gift for myself, yes I know that is very materialistic.

I went trough giftshops, toyshops and even a sweets-snackbar where fried sweets were sold (doesnt exist in Amsterdam but anyway in my dream it did), the lady who worked behind the cash-register ran from her cashier spot as I came in screaming: I can't take this anymore, I need vitamins !(there is a hint : material sweets and cash money don't feed the soul at all, we need Krishna-vitamins.)
Then I went on to the Dam-square, a famous place for tourists in Amsterdam, never a second hand market there in waking life but in  my dream there was one. I got exited by the sight as I love second hand markets. I hoped for a moment I would find an old deity of some sort ( once I did in waking life).. but all I saw was magic lamps or arabic oil lamps and old metal stuff, piles of them... I wasn't interested, they looked all shiney and all the same (hint: I know by know that fullfilling material dreams only lead to misery, I got bored with it) Then I saw an old man with a long beard who sold a little statue of porcelain ( ceramic) of a sulky with horses in from and a man or two riding it, I didnt take a very good look as I was hoping for him to tell me the price and go down with the price as I didnt show interest.. He did start to say the price,, it was 40. But then suddenly I noticed he also had a big low cabinet, it was gorgeous and had features of a clam ( pearl grow in clams) and had pearly shine to it.. I loved it but didnt show interest and just looked from the corner of my eye... The cabinet was 60.

The prices are 40 + 60 = 64 in my dream logic.
Then I woke up....
I realised almost immediatly that the man was Krishna or Balaram in disguise of an old man, also God is often depicted like this in Christianity, old man with a almost white beard.
He was trying to sell me the pearls of wisdom on a market where people are looking for material goods. In my dream I passed it of as something very pretty but material, but now I see the statue was the picture of Sri Krishna and HH Arjuna on the Bhagavad-Gita and the cabinet with clam features was the Vedantas, the pearl of all wisdom, I think specificly the Srimad-Bhagavatam.
Also I felt like I could have paid this with 64 rounds a day as God doesnt want to be paid in money.
Then I realised that our spiritual master HDG Srila Prabupada already made us a good bargain on that same market, he arranged we only have to give 16 rounds. Such mercy.
For me this made sense on a lot of levels, I played with the thought why 16 rounds, why be an accountant and count the rounds... as this was asked by my friend. Now I know, its allready a bargain.
We can't expect to get things for free but when we beg like Srila Prabupada and face God ( not keep walking and let him beg us and trow discounts at us like I expect the market sales man to do ),
we will get a major discount, we can beg for making it easier to serve the Lord and his devotees, to chant the 16 rounds.. We get everything in return to liberate us from material market uhhm i mean bondage. ;) I hope you liked my dream. Hare Krishna ♥ Hare Krishna ♥ Krishna Krishna ♥ Hare Hare ♥ Hare Rama Hare Rama ♥ Rama Rama ♥ Hare Hare ♥



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