For Disciples and Well wishers of Jayapataka Swami, This page provides with general updates of HH Jayapataka Swami and qoutes from Jayapataka Swami's Lectures.
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Jai Gurudeva!

"The new favorable contacts we make are like an uncut diamond. It is valuable, but its true value only becomes realized when it is cut and polished.

That process is like the cultivation of the new people and building the relationships with them. Finally when the gem is fully cut and polished it becomes so Valuable.

That is when the devotees are more fully developed in their Krishna Consciousness and ready to take up temple service or serve in a Nama Hatta Bhakti Vrksa group (cell)."

HH Jayapataka Swami

June 22nd 1997, Dairy

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  • Respect the Spiritual Master

    If we make the mission of our spiritual master as our priority, then that chastity will produce amazing results

  • Hare Krishna. Joya Srila Gurumaharaj. I want to see u again & again, my whole life, after dead also . Although I want to stay near with u, I m ready to obey ur order.

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  • hare krishna
  • Hare Krishna. Joya Srila Gurumaharaj. I want to see u again & again, my whole life, after dead also . Although I want to stay near with u, I m ready to obey ur order.
  • Hare Krishna
  • Vyasa Puja Announcements

    Dear God-brothers / God-sisters,


    This is to officialy announce that GM will not be attending the Vyasa puja festival in Mayapur on the 26th March 2010. He will continue taking his therapies till mid of May 2010, in Los Angeles.

    Kindly pass on this news to all the devotees, in your local group or in an appropriate local forum.

    There will be a celebration in Los Angeles on the actual day of his Vyasa Puja. Details of the celebration will be sent out later.

    There will be a smaran Vyasa Puja celebration at Sridham Mayapur in May and we will be sending you more details on that as we finalise the dates and the program.

    The Vyasa Puja Book would be offered to Guru Maharaj on the 26th of March 2010 and you are requested to send your homage before the deadline (10th March 2010).

    Hope this finds you all in the best of health and bliss.

    Your Servant,
    Sadasivananda Dasa.
    For JSSS.
  • A report by GURUMAHARAJ on His present Health situation

    Since the beginning of Dec and Jan I've been taking therapies in
    Southern California. I've been graciously offered a quarter in the Los
    Angeles Temple, New Dwarka, by Svavas prabhu, the temple president. He said that as long as it takes I am welcome to stay for the therapies. Some of the devotees attending me are staying in the quarter and some are in the
    brahmacari and brahmacarini quarters.

    The therapy is basically centered from Monday thru Thursday at the
    High Hopes Head Injury Rehabilitation Program. There may be around 50 to
    100 students at High Hopes. They are a Charitable Trust so they charge
    $2500 per month, where as other places in North America seem to charge about $1000 a day, more or less.

    For the first month, December they had me do a lot of conditioning
    work, and it took time to get to know me. There is a quadrisizer which gets
    my left and right side to work together with the goal of walking and there
    is the Lokomat robotic walking machine which they give me two days a week
    for one hour each day to walk on.

    In addition they have various other machines, walkers so that I can
    spend walking. There is only a few of us that have suffered strokes, many
    of other students are from car accidents and various types of head injury
    accidents, so along with that, they are mentally somewhat challenged whereas
    mentally I am ok, but I am physically challenged.

    In January they started me on a program with two mornings a week, on
    Tuesdays and Thursdays, for two hours I go to the gym where I do 9
    different exercises in addition to stretching and warming up, legs, arms,
    chest and abdomen.

    In the afternoon I go to the swimming pool where I practice walking
    in a 4.5 feet of water. In addition they have increased the Lokomat sessions
    to 3 per week, three of the four days and one day, on the last Friday of the
    month. One hour every day I have an Occupational Therapy for my arm, on
    how to use my right hand with a computer for two hours each. Also I would
    continue walking either with a walker or a side walker, but as of yet I am
    not able to do it alone. I have now more strength, on some days I can walk
    4000 steps or more, but am not able to walk on my own as I lack balance.

    Doctor Mark, the head therapist, he said that in any week I could
    start to walk. He had me stand up on my own, and I had my record of 2
    minutes and 18 seconds, which yesterday was broken yesterday by 6 minutes 21 seconds. So gradually I am planning to keep my balance on my own, but it is a gradual slow process.

    So Dr Mark said, when I asked him what he thought about me going to
    India for 6 weeks or two months, and he said that if it was a week for
    ten days they could adjust somehow, but to go off for so long he was afraid
    that I might regress. That without keeping this strict regimen, in fact he
    said that no matter what I do, that the stroke patients they either make
    progress or they regress, and that I have to keep an hour or two a day of
    some regimen of walking and exercising even once I get better.

    We can always remember how Srila Prabhupada never failed to take
    his morning walk or his daily massage, something like that I would have to do
    every day for the rest of my life.

    So at present I am asking your advice. This is how am doing now. In
    addition I am also taking some chiropractic adjustments, which they said
    that will help the blood flow to my brain stem. I am also visiting once in a
    week or so, an autistic man known as Johnny, who is also known as the stroke
    whisperer. He gives advice on how to overcome the challenges of a
    stroke, and his wife who was bhaktin in the New Orleans Temple, do some
    sound therapy, so this has been generally helpful.

    On the weekends, I've been around in California, including Tijuana,
    Mexico, which is on the California border, but I had to keep up with my
    homework during these excursions which means walking everyday at least 1000 steps and doing squads.

    Dr Mark said that he will increase whatever I am doing as I get
    better. He said he would like it if I stayed, he said that I could go back to
    India for the Ram Navani Festival.

    It also became discover when I was in the Hinduja Hospital, that I
    have hepatitis C. Apparently this happened during my blood transfusion
    in 1989, when I was attacked at the Madrid Airport. Because the type of
    hepatitis C that I have is only visible in Europe and I didn't have any other
    occasion to do anything which would impress in this 20 or so years that
    could give me hepatitis C. Normally when someone with hepatitis C would be more much worse, but because of my Krishna Conscious holistic diet, I am just
    at the sedative first stages of degeneration of the liver, very first

    I am also taking some treatment prescribed by a chiropractic
    disciple which is supposed to reduce and hopefully cure hepatitis C. The only
    allopathic system for curing it and that's also not sure, is taking intra
    vitamin, not sure how one spells that, but I have not been able to take that
    yet, cause I have low blood platelets.

    So this is my basic report on how things stand now. I am not
    talking about all the other therapies that I've taken.

    On the way from India to America, I went on a hoping journey through
    Malaysia and Hong Kong and Hawaii and finally to LA.

    In Hong Kong some of the Chinese devotees that met me, said that if
    I go to China and take therapy there I could get cured. I've taken some
    Chinese acupuncture but somehow it was not so successful, although she said
    that she had cured some stroke patients before.

    My type of stroke is a bit different being a stem case. so somehow
    it didn't work, but they said that if I went to China to see the grandmaster
    of acupuncture, they could cure me.

    Other than that, they have the robotic machine in Chennai, and they
    are open for 6 days a week, so I could use the machine for six days, but Dr
    Mark is quite an experience guy so my secretaries appealed and said that I
    should stay for the treatment until Feb and maybe part of March so that
    they can see me walk at least with a clutch.

    At present my eyes have little parallel movement although I
    recently started some optical therapy and I see double at a distance so we have new glasses, which more or less bring it together to single vision. The left side of my face are still paralyzed but I am still able to give classes.
    Badrinarayan prabhu in San Diego, said that my speech was understandable. So he said that the therapy seems to be working. The right side of the body is not paralyzed but lacks the sensitivity of the left side. The right hand lacks
    some fine movements. My shaking in my arm has reduced since in India. In
    India, Malaysia and America gradually my right side is becoming stronger.
    So this is the present state of my physical condition.
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