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  • Hare Krsna...
    Vrinda Devi Tulsi Maharani ki Jay............
  • hare krishna
  • Hare Krishna

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  • Jana h Golok
    to ticket h sirf Hari
    Hare Krishna
    Hare Krishna
    Krishna Krishna
    Hare Hare
    Hare Rama
    Hare Rama
    Rama Rama
    Hare Hare!!
  • jai shri tulsi maharani............
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It is stated in the Garuda Purana, " O great bird, the result one obtains by giving ten thousand cows in charitycan be obtained by offering only one tulasi leaf to the Supreme Lord during the month of Karttika. "(Sri Hari- Bhakti- Vilasa ).It is stated in the Padma Purana, " My dear son, for those who worship Lord Janardana with offerings of Tulasileaves during the entire month of Karttika- all of their sinful reactions that were accumulated during the pastten thousand lifetimes are eradicated.…

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Always to be sincerity to our guru, krsna and devotees

In the nectar of instruction Srila Rupa Goswami text (2) saidthan we need to be very careful when we practice Krsnaconciousness, he said( prajalpo nijamagrahah)  practicingthe scriptural rules and regulation only for the sake offollow them and not for the sake spiritual advancement. Than means we follow are rules and regulation for love Guru,krsna and the devotees and not for our sense gratificationsubtle or gross. We practice with humble feelings, Iam nothingonly the servant of the servant of…

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The most important and fundamental principle of Tulasi care is regular and perpetual care. She is a pure devotee, and Her requirements are few and simple. She simply requires Her own quarters with direct sunlight, where She can grow without disturbances and interruptions. She should be watered at approximately the same time and Her leaves should also be collected at a regular time. Mornings between 7:30 and 9:00 are the best for both purposes. The most essential ingredient is one individual…

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II. Soil and DrainageThe best soil is homemade, that is to say not some combination purchased in a store, but mixed by hand from local ingredients. The symptoms of good soil are a dark color and rich smell. (I am the original fragrance of the earth). The soil should hold its shape somewhat if pressed into a clod in the fist. Earth worms are another good sign. Obtain some cow manure and allow it to set for 2 weeks, so the nitrogen content can dissipate. Otherwise, it is so strong that it would…

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