You can see in the life of Putana. Putana was a demoness and she comes with the intention of killing Krsna. But she had that one desire that she wanted to cuddle Sri Krsna. She wanted to have that happiness of giving her breast milk to Krsna. So that one quality Sri Krsna kept in His mind and acknowledged it and gave her the position of His mother. So that is the Lord's quality of forgetting everything. And He also wants the devotees to be like that, to forget all the offences done by others to us because ultimately whatever happens with us is all due to our own Karma. There is no offense that takes place actually, if you see it like that.

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  • Hare Krsna,
    Right Prabhuji. Lord upholds even the most insignificant service rendered by us. He always remembers even tiny little thing we may have done in so many lifetimes. Out of all the atrocities performed by Putana, He considered one very good desire of hers and delivered her at the same time brought a full stop to all her atrocities by killing her Himself. What a fortune!! she received for her one small desire of feeding her breasts milk to Krsna.
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