Dhruva Maharaj meditated on the Lord for six months and the Lord was pleased. All Prahlad Maharaj did was smaranam and Lord Nrsimhadev appeared in front of him.. Shabari, all she was trying to do was following the instructions given by her spiritual master. And Lord Sri Ramachandra personally came to give her His Darshan.

Here Srutadeva and Bahulasva are personally visited by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It's not something like catching a flight today. Today if you want to go from Dwaraka to Mithila you will probably take a flight Indigo or Jet Airways or something and you will reach in two hours. In those days if you had to traverse so much distance... I was just seeing in Google maps the distance between Dwaraka and Mithila. It is 2290 kms. There were no flights during those days. Lord came on His chariot. Of course for the Lord distance is not a matter of consideration. But what a distance!!

We can see that Srutadeva and Bahulasva have obtained space in the pages if Srimad Bhagavatam. If you see famous people, if you see somebody who is attractive, beautiful and all the people are mad after them then there is nothing great about it. Is it not? It's quite natural for famous people to attract others.
So many people in this world are attracted to God and there is nothing great in that. You see the Prime Minister of India is a great personality. He has got so many fans mad after them . There is nothing very special in it. Now say the Prime Minister of India takes some special interest for someone from his busy schedule and sits with him and eats with him then the newspapers write, Who is this man?
Who is this man?
The Prime Minister is taking his time out.
You see its nothing great if you get attracted to the lord. Indeed it's very very great if the Lord gets attracted to someone.

And in fact you know these wealthy people, famous people get so disgusted by fans who are going behind them and asking autographs. It's a head ache actually. The media unnecessarily probes into who are they going together with. It's very embarrassing for those people who want to lead a private life. We can see that the Lord is leading a private life with His devotees. When we try to probe and do such things, it's a harassment for the Lord especially those who are going to the lord for material desires , it's not very pleasing. In fact it's inappropriate, it's indecent to try to probe into people's private lives.

We can see from this example that, Don't try to see the Lord. Try to serve the Lord in such a way that the Lord desires to see us.

Okay Bahulasva we can understand. He is a very wealthy man. He is a king. And we see that people accuse Iskcon also many times saying that,
Why do you people pamper all these wealthy people?
Why do you give them so much of importance?
Somebody asked me also, Why do you have separate lines in Janmashtami for those donors?
If someone is poor and cannot make a big donation, doesn't mean that he has to wait. Why do you do this differentiation?

The Lord is going to the house of Bahulasva. He doesn't care about wealth. He is Laxmi Pati. He is going to the house of Srutadeva who is a poor brahmin. You know what is wonderful about this pastime that I was contemplating about? He is in Mithila and the Lord is in Dwaraka. This is another demonstration of the Lord's opulence, of the Lord bring omniscient and the Lord being conscientious. The Lord is not only omniscient but is also conscientious of all the services rendered by His devotees. If the Lord had not visited the house of Srutadeva then who would have known about him? But the Lord visited him and today his name is there in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

So therefore the advantage of devotional service is that there is no need for announcements for all the renouncements that you have made. There is no need because the Lord is the Supersoul in everyone's hearts. In fact if we make announcements then we lose our renouncements. That is the problem. The Lord doesn't need these things. He knows everything. Somebody somewhere the Lord is keeping note.

Krsna says,
Arjuna, I am aware of each and every desire that the unlimited souls spread out in unlimited universes since time immemorial. Even to think of or imagine the Lord's intelligence and omniscience is not possible for us. He is aware of everything. And the Lord is very grateful and He has gone to acknowledge the devotional service of Srutadeva. We may forget what services we may have rendered but the Lord never forgets the services performed by us. So, there is no need for us to even think that whether my services are recognized.

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